Erasmus: Francouzi na ZŠJAK

First of all, we will remember this Erasmus + exchange because of the warm welcome from all the staff, the pupils and all Czech people we met.

We had the chance to shadow teachers of different subjects and watch their teaching styles and methods: how they use digital devices, encourage group work, shorten notes to key-words to keep the main ideas of the notions and prefer speaking-based lessons. Now we would like to share those ideas with our French colleagues to hopefully “move the lines” of our sometimes rusty educational system.

Each one of us spent time with teachers, before and after lessons, asking questions to understand the way they work, pondering the pros and cons. We were always met with openness and a will to share their tools, habits and practices.

With Raquel, a math teacher from Spain visiting the school at the same time, the exchange was even more enriching. We talked about our challenges and our ideas to improve what we do, our activities and the overall job.

The afternoons were also filled with experiences that we won’t forget. On the first day, a class of 9th grade students took us on a guided tour of Louny, we visited the top spots and landmarks and learned about the city’s history. We were impressed by the students’ ability to speak English and hold a conversation with us.

The rest of the week, Vladimir and his colleagues had planned outings and visits such as Louny’s Art Gallery, trips to Most and Karlovy Vary, and a hike of Raná hill to see the surrounding landscapes. Of course, we tried Czech food as well! This Erasmus+ experience was a great way to get a full picture of the Czech culture and civilization.

Last but not least, we were met with smiles and laughs! The kindness of everybody we encountered was a real gift and it made us reassess the environment in our school, the way we interact with the pupils. As we already mentioned, we would have loved to extend our stay in Louny’s school.

It was a wonderful week and an incredible opportunity to take a step back to rethink the way we teach in France.

We fully recommend this Erasmus partner for a rich and full discovery of the Czech education. We hope we can keep in touch and maybe create a lasting relationship between us and our respective schools.

Daphné, Camille, Morgan & Didier